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  1. Jack Beatty January 3, 2018 | Reply
    Dear Mr. Stebbings, "The Aaron Burr of the musical “Hamilton”—who stews over being shut out of pivotal closed-door conferences—isn’t the only person who wants to be in the room where it happens. It’s hard not to envy the witnesses to history in the making and attending conferences, Zelig-like, in Versailles, Vienna or Potsdam.” Odd that Ben Brantley, in the above lead to his review of “Oslo,” included Potsdam but left out the most notorious “conference” of the 20th century. That would be “Munich,” where in September 1938 Hitler met with Neville Chamberlain. The ostensible issue was the fate of the Sudetenland, the German-speaking region of Czechoslovakia. But as my new play brings out much more was at stake. Hitler wanted war. Chamberlain wanted peace. The Battle Not Begun dramatizes why, and why neither got what he wanted. My partner, the actress and director Myriam Cyr, staged two readings of Battle at her Black Box theater lab on Boston’s North Shore. For the first reading, last March, 75 people were expected; 200 showed up. For the second, last October, Myriam got Brian Murray, the Tony-nominated British actor, to read Chamberlain and Jerome Kissel, a veteran Boston actor, to read Hitler. They received a standing ovation from the packed house. I am the News Analyst for WBUR’s On Point. I also write history. The New Yorker called my last book, The Lost History of 1914, “thought-provoking and often mordantly ironic.” The very words for The Battle Not Begun. The readings helped us shape and sharpen the play. Now it’s ready to be staged, and with only two characters it's eminently producible. There’s luster in being first--to premiering the first play ever about “Munich”; and, at this haunted American moment, the first to feature Hitler as a central character. Respectfully, Jack Beatty
  2. Michael Gonsalves June 11, 2018 | Reply
    Hello tnt, Who would it be best to contact in regards to auditioning for your next tour? Thank you in advance, Michael
    • M. Werner
      M. Werner June 13, 2018 | Reply
      Hello M. Gonsalves, I have passed on your request to the person concerned who will get into contact with you soon. Sincerely M. Werner
  3. Ithica Tell July 1, 2018 | Reply
    Hello TNT! I am Ithica Tell, an American Actress who has recently performed with the Bremer Shakespeare Company in Bremen Germany. I am reaching out in the hopes that you can put me in contact with the individual in charge of Casting for TNT. I am incredibly fond of Europe and the idea of performing there on a regular basis is intriguing. Looking forward to future contact!
    • M. Werner
      M. Werner July 16, 2018 | Reply
      Hello Ithica Tell, I have passed on your request to the person concerned who will get into contact with you soon. Sincerely M. Werner
  4. marijke Colson February 20, 2019 | Reply
    Hello TNT, especially the actors of yesterday the 19th of February in Aalst. Your performance was great. We were there with a small group of students with disabilities (we are a volunteer organisation helping students with disabilities to get their degree). Every year we go to the theatre to see Dutch plays, a French and an English one. Our students are well prepared, knowing what the play is about etc. The applause you got was well earned. But the standing ovation our group gave to the actor who came back on stage to give some students a lesson of how to behave in a theatre was more than well deserved. I was surprised to see that happening because so many times (and I’m talking about many years) our students have made a comment that keeps coming back “There was so much noise, the others were not listening, not enjoying it, why do they come and why do the teachers not interfere”. Every school gets teachers note and with those notes a letter with rules of conduct in a theatre. But it seems not to work. I talked about it with my son (who works in London as an actor): He was happy someone had the guts to do this. We never have experienced this kind of conduct in a theatre (and we do see a lot of plays). By the way we are not English just Flemish with a son living in the uk. So, well one to everyone. Marijke Colson Ajaboe vzw
    • M. Werner
      M. Werner February 25, 2019 | Reply
      Hello marijke Colson, thank you for your feedback! Sincerely M. Werner
  5. Calum June 25, 2019 | Reply
    Hi TNT, how do I get in touch regarding auditioning for your next tour? All the best, Calum
    • M. Werner
      M. Werner June 26, 2019 | Reply
      Hello Calum, please send your request to Sincerely M. Werner

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