▪ Pictures of some ADGE productions

For high resolution pictures of our current or past productions, please request a Press Kit.

-Nelson Mandela
- Le Jeu de l’amour et du hasard de Marivaux
- Monsieur Ibrahim


- Pygmalion



- My Sister Syria


- Fahrenheit 451
-Twelfth Night
- Romeo & Juliet
- Le Petit Prince
- Frankenstein
- Macbeth

▪ Videos of past productions

“Julius Caesar” (by William Shakespeare) Trailer
“Macbeth” (by William Shakespeare) Trailer
“My Sister Syria” (by Paul Stebbings) Trailer
“Twelfth Night” (by William Shakespeare) Trailer
“Oliver Twist” (by Charles Dickens) Trailer
“The Tempest” (by William Shakespeare) Trailer
“The Life and Death of MARTIN LUTHER KING” Trailer
“Romeo & Juliet” (by William Shakespeare) Trailer
Clip of “Romeo & Juliet” (by William Shakespeare)
“Frankenstein” (based on Mary Shelley’s novel) Trailer
“Peter Pan” (by J. M. Barrie) Trailer
Clip of “Orthello” (by William Shakespeare)
Clip of “Don Quijote” (based on Miguel de Cervantes’s novel)
Clip of “The Mystery of Poe” (by Paul Stebbings)
Clip of “Moon Palace” (based on Paul Auster’s novel)
Clip of “The Picture of Dorian Gray” (based on Oscar Wilde’s novel)
Clip of “Hamlet” (by William Shakespeare)
Clip of “Le Petit Prince” (based on Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s novel)

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