▪ Pictures of some ADGE productions

For high resolution pictures of our current or past productions, please request a Press Kit.

Nelson Mandela
- Pygmalion



- My Sister Syria


- Fahrenheit 451
-Twelfth Night
- Romeo & Juliet
- Le Petit Prince
- Frankenstein
- Macbeth

▪ Videos of past productions

“Julius Caesar” (by William Shakespeare) Trailer
“Macbeth” (by William Shakespeare) Trailer
“My Sister Syria” (by Paul Stebbings) Trailer
“Twelfth Night” (by William Shakespeare) Trailer
“Oliver Twist” (by Charles Dickens) Trailer
“The Tempest” (by William Shakespeare) Trailer
“The Life and Death of MARTIN LUTHER KING” Trailer
“Romeo & Juliet” (by William Shakespeare) Trailer
Clip of “Romeo & Juliet” (by William Shakespeare)
“Frankenstein” (based on Mary Shelley’s novel) Trailer
“Peter Pan” (by J. M. Barrie) Trailer
Clip of “Orthello” (by William Shakespeare)
Clip of “Don Quijote” (based on Miguel de Cervantes’s novel)
Clip of “The Mystery of Poe” (by Paul Stebbings)
Clip of “Moon Palace” (based on Paul Auster’s novel)
Clip of “The Picture of Dorian Gray” (based on Oscar Wilde’s novel)
Clip of “Hamlet” (by William Shakespeare)
Clip of “Le Petit Prince” (based on Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s novel)

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  1. Helga March 12, 2016 | Reply
    I saw "Le Petit Prince" on February 26th 2016 in Munich. It was phantastic and GREAT! The cast of actors was incredible! I could not find out, who were the actors - what are their names? I liked very much the actress playing the little Prince - she was perfect for that role! And the other actress who played various roles was really incredible , also the actor playing the snake and further roles. If there would be another performance in Munich - I would not hesitate to go there another time.
    • matthias werner
      matthias werner March 17, 2016 | Reply
      Hello, below are the names of the actors. Le Pilote / L´Oiseau played by Gaspard Legendre Le Resonsable de l’Aéroport played by Caroline Roussel Le Petit Prince played by Morwenna Spagnol Le Mécanicien played by Lula Suassuna On 17 July we have a performance (The Tempest) in Brunnenhof der Residenz. We would be pleased about your visit. :-) Sincerely M.Werner
  2. Felix December 21, 2017 | Reply
    I've just come back with my pupils from today's Deggendorf performance of ROMEO AND JULIET - excellent piece of work, I must say! As the admin of our school website, I was wondering if I can use some of the pictures on to illustrate a blog entry on our website.
    • M. Werner
      M. Werner December 22, 2017 | Reply
      Hello Felix, yes of course you can use some of ours pictures. Sincerely M.Werner
  3. N. Prieß December 9, 2019 | Reply
    My 10-graders and I highly enjoyed the performance of "Free Mandela" in Hamburg today. If you are interested in learning about the apartheid-era or the lives of Nelson Mandela and his wife Winnie or just want to see a talented set of actors and actresses bringing a piece of South African history to life we would recommend you check out Adg Europe's performance "Free Mandela" in a city closeby. We especially enjoyed the choral speaking of the entire cast, the authentic singing of the national anthem and the creative usage of props and role-splitting. We even had the pleasure to talk to Chipo Kureya. Thank you so much for that special experience! Best wishes, N. Prieß

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