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    “With perfect theatrical timing and true acting prowess, the troupe kept the audience guessing right to the end…and received resounding and deserved applause.”
    Arab Times, Kuwait
    “I never knew Shakespeare could be so entertaining”
    CNN TV
    “True music theatre”
    Classical Music Magazine, London
    “Highly effective and charismatic theater”
    Village Voice, New York
    “One of the most interesting developments on the British theatrical scene.”
    The Guardian, London
    “The production gripped the attention of the young audience from beginning to end”
    La Provence, France
    “TNT are known as the best touring theatre company in the world”
    China National TV
    “World class theatre”
    Suddeutsche Zeitung, German National Daily
    “Once again, the company delivered the excellent theatre their many fans have come to expect”
    Sueddeutsche Zeitung, Munich
    “Touring theatre at its best”
    South China Morning Post, Hong Kong
    “Gripping and powerful… the company demonstrates how Shakespeare can remain relevant to a modern audience, even if their first language is not English”
    Japan Times, Tokyo
    “Shakespeare’s text was delivered with perfection, exploring the full emotional and philosophical depth of the work.”
    Pravo, Prague
    “If young people need to be persuaded to go to the theatre this is the company to see”
    Sudkurier, Germany

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    1. Jez Payne July 9, 2019 | Reply
      Good Morning I am part of Hautlieu school on Jersey and the head of English Mrs Smith is keen to promote to her students the up and coming open air production of "A Midsummer Night's Dream" that is being held at Mont Orgueil Castle here in Jersey, Channel Islands. With that in mind we have obtained an A2 sized poster for the event that has caught her attention and she would like me to frame this for the school, however the version we have is folded in to four and has now got pin holes in the corners. Would there be a possibility of obtaining a pristine rolled copy of your poster for me to frame and display in the school? If you have a promotional office on jersey I can collect. regards Jez Payne Site manager Hautlieu School Wellington road St Saviour Jersey JE2 7TH Telephone +44 01534 736242 email j.payne@hautieu.sch.je
      • M. Werner
        M. Werner July 10, 2019 | Reply
        Hello Jez Payne, I have passed on your request to the person concerned who will get into contact with you soon. Sincerely M. Werner
    2. Gill July 9, 2019 | Reply
      I am trying to use your website to buy tickets for your Jersey production- but it fails to open- very frustrating. Do you have a website malfunction?
      • M. Werner
        M. Werner July 10, 2019 | Reply
        Hello Gill, please send your request to info@adg-europe.com (how many tickets etc..). I tested the link and it works maybe your browser has presentation problems. Sincerely M. Werner
    3. Gill Mayer July 12, 2019 | Reply
      The website appears to be working now, I have just purchased tickets.
      • M. Werner
        M. Werner July 15, 2019 | Reply
        Hello Gill Mayer, we are very pleased to hear that. We wish you a lot of fun with our performance. Sincerely M. Werner
    4. Barbara Prawdzik December 25, 2019 | Reply
      Hello, on Friday 6th March 2020 Othello is announced for Bonn. Where do l get tickets? I couldn't find it in the list. Looking forward to your answer. Kind regards b.prawdzik
      • Werner
        Werner January 13, 2020 | Reply
        Hello Barbara Prawdzik, you can get the tickets via the following link: Schauspielhaus Bonn Sincerely M. Werner
    5. Claudia Gratzer October 13, 2021 | Reply
      Hello, is the programme of the new castle tour already available? Kind regards Claudia

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