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Richard Clodfelter and Laurie Dawn return to the German stage this holiday season in a delightful new adaptation of the New Year’s Eve Classic, DINNER FOR ONE. Mr. Clodfelter is a New York trained actor who has delighted audiences across Germany and Europe in a variety of roles ranging from James the butler to King Lear. Miss Dawn is a well known American Actress both on stage and in the movies having performed throughout the US and Off-Broadway in STRICTLY PERSONAL, THE BEAUTY QUEEN OF LEENANE, STEEL MAGNOLIAS, TEN LITTLE INDIANS, LITTLE WOMEN and DIARY OF A SCOUNDREL. A familiar face on film and television, you perhaps have seen Laurie in REVOLUTIONARY ROAD (with Kate Winslet and Leonardo Di Caprio) or LAW & ORDER: SVU. They will be joined onstage by the acclaimed composer Paul Flush, who is also a concert and jazz pianist. The three performers improvised with comedic and musical ideas to follow the beloved DINNER FOR ONE sketch with a new “Morning After” sketch entitled BREAKFAST FOR THREE, which has enchanted audiences since its introduction three years ago. The new sketch tells the story of Sir Toby, Mr. Winterbottom and the other guests, and reveals their romantic past with Miss Sophie. The project is the brain-child of veteran English-language theater producer Grantly Marshall, and will be presented through his celebrated theater company, The American Drama Group Europe.

Starring Richard Clodfelter as James The Butler

Live Music Paul Flush