The Platinum Jubilee

Growing up in a rural Ohio, USA, farming district, I could never have imagined on which winding roads I would one day travel. When I left home for university and then made the leap to Europe, I felt I was constantly groping to find my true calling. Theatre was always part of my DNA, so I used my professional theatre organisation to travel the world in search of that unknown something. Initiated as a pragmatic choice to perform in the summer, castle touring soon developed into an all-consuming passion morphing into much more than simply expanding my organization. I became very involved in each castle empathizing with the owners and their heroic struggle to maintain family traditions. Their fight for survival became my fight, their pain my pain, their obligations my obligations and I slowly felt required to do everything possible to help promote and keep in the public consciousness Europe´s most important culture heritage. I have continually doubted my perseverance and leadership abilities during this endless journey. But then came the invitation from BALMORAL CASTLE to participate in THE PLATINUM JUBILEE CELEBRATIONS. I not only felt rewarded for my efforts but knew in my soul that I had become a die-hard CULTURAL ROYALIST. My Castle touring had received the seal of approval from perhaps the most revered Monarch in the history of the world. Thank you, Queen Elizabeth II, for helping to release energies within me which I never knew existed and somehow honouring me for my efforts pertaining to castle culture.

Grantly Marshall – Producer

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