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  1. Ursula Lock March 15, 2019 | Reply
    Performance on 11.07.2019 at Schloss Mainau Will there be a reduction if I buy tickets in advance? If so, how much will they be please for both adults and students. Many thanks in advance!
    • M. Werner
      M. Werner March 18, 2019 | Reply
      Hello Ursula, send your request to info@adg-europe.com. Sincerely M. Werner
  2. vince May 28, 2019 | Reply
    I cannot open the link "Tickets for Switzerland", there's an error message. Is there another way I can get tickets?
    • M. Werner
      M. Werner June 3, 2019 | Reply
      Hello Vince, send us an email with your request (how many tickets etc...) to info@adg-europe.com Sincerely M. Werner
  3. Agota Rebenyi June 25, 2019 | Reply
    Hallo Mr. Marshall, I would like to order tickets for the performance in Augsburg, but two participants of my VHS English class can only decide in the very last minute, because of health reasons. Will it still be possible to get tickets right before the performance? Á. Rebényi
    • M. Werner
      M. Werner June 26, 2019 | Reply
      Hello Agota Rebenyi, please send your request to info@adg-europe.com. Yes that's possible. Sincerely M. Werner
  4. Kaya July 13, 2019 | Reply
    Hello, When I buy the tickets online, do I receive them to my email or are they sent to my address? I would like to buy today for the show on Tuesday, but afraid if they are not sent until then. Thank you!
    • M. Werner
      M. Werner July 15, 2019 | Reply
      Hello Kaya, you will get an email with the ticket. (You must print this and show it to the cashier). Sincerely M. Werner

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